Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Journal Entry: Feb 26 09

Today was a beautiful day. It was a little bit chilly still but semi overcast-which is my FAVORITE (Strange, I know.) The network crashed at work and for about three hours we all sat around incessantly rebooting our PCs, skimming the newspapers, talking about food, creating a lottery pool and discussing what we would do with the winnings, and listening to ridiculous stories from Johnny D, our honorary window-licker and the source of much entertainment around the office.

Well after 3 hours we were all burnt out and restless and starving from all the food talk so we departed the office and went our separate ways. I headed over to Lowe's just to price some items for the garden and walked out with 60 paver bricks to use for the herb wheel garden. I scored a nice price-21 cents a piece!

Heading back to the office I saw the DQ sign yelling my name and said to hell with it and picked up a small choco cherry blizzard. Yum I haven't had DQ in awhile. I almost always get a small blizzard, but whatever is in their ice cream never allows me to finish it. I get about half way done and its overkill and time to stop. Every time. Not complaining though-my wide load butt surely doesn't need the whole thing.

I managed to clean out my car this afternoon too and do the windows. The fingerprint art work on them was horrendous.

Picked up Red from school later in the afternoon and we spent about an hour hand turning and raking the dirt in a 8x10 plot next to the house. I was going to start on the opposite side of the house-but this side has virtually no grass growing in this section so it won't require the use of a tiller. that will save me a little bit of money. We have so much rock in our soil its ridiculous-I would hardly call it soil...its pretty much clay and rocks.

I decided we need to get a chain saw and cut down some of the smaller trees right in that area too since there are a couple that are uncomfortably close to the house. I'll have to try and get Tracy to work on that next weekend. It will reduce the shade hours in that section of the yard too-which will be good for the garden.

There's tons of rain in the forecast this weekend so I won't be able to apply my grass and weed killer around the garden plot. I'll probably just get out there and keep working the soil. I need to go ahead an build the the border with some landscaping timbers. I'm guessing I will have to dig a small trench of sorts so that the timbers will settle and rest in the ground.

I got in a quick workout with the bag tonight. Its always best to listen to something hardcore and angry when working the bag-either that or super high energy techno. It just makes the workout that much better.

Red and I spent the rest of the evening making salmon patties and mac and cheese and salad and drawing pictures and practicing writing letters. He showed me (wink, wink) how to make a rainbow and informed me that I need more practice making rainbows because I don't use enough colors on my rainbows.


Karen said...

I went to DQ for the cherry chocolate valentines blizzard and they were out of cherries! I was so destroyed!
Glad you got to enjoy it!

Amy said...

Ohh you better get practicing on your rainbows!!!! lol I heart Red!!!
Now i want a blizzard, its 10 am and i might have to go and get one. Gee

Anonymous said...

He is soooooo funny.... "I need more practice making rainbows because I don't use enough colors". LOL!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your gardening adventures. So funny, I'm probably the only person in the world who has never been to DQ. I have no idea what a blizzard tastes like, can you believe that?