Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Stuff...

Wow it has been months since I logged in and usual I went through one of my bored with the Internet, cooking, gardening, really just bored with life in general slumps. I kept at the garden though-Its going good-but SLOW. Next year I really think I might just go ahead and plant from seedlings instead of seed to speed the process up. My coworkers have been bringing in bags of cucumbers, tomatoes and summer squash to share and my plants are just now starting to form their veggies.

The early rains were great for the garden but then came the very very hot and dry June which was stressful on the garden. Even with regular watering the plants were looking kind of sad.

The cucumbers got a strange disease and I had to remove most of the plants. there are about 8 left though and they look like they might be trying to produce healthy disease free cucumbers now.

The onions are coming right along and should be ready by fall.

I've yet to pick any radishes-but I've got a couple good plants from the seed pack.

The spinach is nice...I've been pinching back leaves and harvesting leaves for salads pretty much every other day now. I've got about 5 decent spinach plants.

The lettuce is slow. Very slow...but lettuce doesn't like hot weather at all. It might start to do well late September -early October.

The peppers aren't doing anything at all. Weird-they were the biggest producer last year.

The tomato plants are doing great. I've got a bunch of green tomatoes and lots of flowers so they should give us plenty of yellow and red tomatoes this year.


Alyssa said...

I want to be your neighbor so that I can mooch out of your garden :-)

Anonymous said...

My, what lovely hands you have!

Maria said...

Wow, looks good! Those are some really nice looking spinach and tomatoes!

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