Sunday, May 4, 2008

1979 and Rhubarb Pie

While browsing blogs on the Internet this afternoon, I came across one that had a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. You know how somethings just transport you back to a place and time or some fond happy memory? Well Rhubarb is just one of those things for me. Takes me right back to 1979. Takes me back to a little farm on County Rd 8 in Arlington Ohio where one of my favorite cousins lived. Where we could run through corn fields and swim in the pond, ride on the tractor, collect peacock feathers and love on the abundance of kittens living in the old barn.

Check me out-I'm the one on the far left that looks like a boy with a really bad haircut. that's 1979 all the way right there...I'm somewhat surprised there isn't some random patch sewn on the knee of my pants. My Mom was an avid user of those little patches.

Anyway, we would visit my cousins Chris and Kim and Aunt Marge and Uncle Floyd in the summers and fall when I was young. We'd play "kick the can" and eat wild berries and explore the land without a care in the world.

Aunt Marge made two dishes from scratch that have stayed etched in my mind for all of these years-homemade baked macaroni and cheese and strawberry rhubarb pie. They were both heavenly. I've never had a mac and cheese like it. It was very rustic-not fancy-no added flavors. I've come to find out later that fresh goats milk cheese was part of the recipe.

OK, OK back to the real reason for the blog...rhubarb! Aunt Marge's Rhubarb Pie was so frackin' good! Most people have a sweet tooth-but I tend to think I have more of a "tart" tooth. I love tart flavors and rhubarb is most definitely tart. Click HERE for the recipe I found that inspired this blog-it is of course, complete with lots of wonderful pics.

I know I just said I was going to plant tomatoes and sunflowers-but I think I'm adding Rhubarb to the garden as well. I am seriously going to drive my husband insane-he's anti-plant. I think he's just tolerating all of this planting right now because he sees it is something that is bringing me joy.

THIS ARTICLE tells me rhubarb doesn't do well in the south-its apparently a cold climate crop. It does tell me how to grow it as an annual though. I guess I will be waiting until around August or so to start my Rhubarb plants. That's kind of disheartening-but oh well-if I get a good enough crop I can always freeze it for later use.

I'm off to learn more about my beloved Rhubarb and humming 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins all the way... (Great song!)


Mimu said...

Hey Cat!
I am glad my post can bring you the memory of home. i've always envy kids who grew up in a farm because they got to enjoy the nature's true beauty in 4 season! I am not sure if you try the recipe yet, but if you get a chance, i hope you like it. And maybe after your husband try the pie using the delicious "vegetable" you grow your garden, he will be less anti-plant =D

Sarah said...

I love this blog! It made me nostalgic and I wasn't even there. Love the photo too.

Dawn said...

Reading this reminded me of some pics I have of me on my uncle's farm too!