Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garden Update: Week 6

Its rainy and cool outside (I know! I'm completely abnormal because I tend to prefer the rain to sun). I just love the way everything becomes more vibrant and alive after a spring rain. The plants seem to love it-check em out! They are coming along nicely, no?

The winds kicked up a bit today so I added some bamboo skewers for support to the beans just to be safe-I just used some twist-ties to loosely hold them to the skewer. There is probably some product at the nursery specifically made to tie and support plants but ya know I work with what I've got. SHOOT-check out the old baby gate I'm using as a trellis for the pea plants to attach to and the rubber maid bin I'm using as a planter. I'm not so sure if I'm being frugally innovative and creative or plain trashy anymore...

Hmmm. Well the 88cent price tags ARE still attached to the green pots so, me thinks I might be leaning more towards the trashy. Oh well, it is what it is.

The beans have also begun to flower! Ooh PRETTY!

The other plants are slow and steady with the exception of one pot of pea plants. I had run out of organic soil when I was potting these and got the bright (insert rolling eyes here) idea to use some old peat moss type potting stuff I had in the garage from the year before. So its rather telling that this is the only pot of plants that is not flourishing-its either don't use peat moss-or don't use old peat moss or both. I added some plant food to the mix today-we'll see if it brings these plants some life back.

They are a rather sad lot, no?

I really NEED to get out into the backyard and prepare the area for the official garden. I'm actually really apprehensive about putting them into the actual ground though. Its as though somehow the deck high above the ground below is a safe haven for them.

Stay tuned for the tomato plants I will be adding to the mix next week, sunflowers, and oh I've been told coffee cans make interesting planters too. So maybe I will have to force myself to drink more coffee just to have some fun cans to use as planters? Maybe I'll do some flowers in those, and paint them brick red? Oh the excitement of it all! I know you can hardly stand it, can you?

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Look Cupcake said...

Dude - will come and take care of my yard too? :) You've got a green thumb! I have the black thumb of death.