Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy "Patrick's" Day Pretzel Treats

You know I have been scouring the shelves for fun ingredients to make St. Patty's Day treats for Red's class and there really is not much selection down here? I remember growing up in Cleveland what a huge deal St. Patty's was...the streets were decorated and the yellow lines on the roads on some of the streets in Euclid would have green painted next to them...they use to even dye the river green when I was very young.
The parade was a huge event and as we grew into trouble making, experimental teenagers everyone would cut out of school to go to the parade and drink beer and be foolish. It was fun. I mean who doesn't love a good rousing round of silly Irish pub songs? It was like the Mardi Gras of the Midwest for us.

We ate corned beef and cabbage and drank lots of beer and hugged and partied with our friends. Good times...

Ah, the corned beef...I miss that. Cleveland is inundated with little Mom and Pop Corned Beef Sandwich spots...they come piled high with melted Swiss and mustard on rye...or you can have them Reuben style with a thousand island style dressing...so so bad, but so so good.

Ah the memories...
Anyway, Red's pretty into the whole "Patrick's Day" thing because well according to him, its Patrick from Sponge Bob's show day! That and anytime he gets to bring treats into school and wear a special color or something he is all about it. He loves a good celebration.

We made some candy coated pretzels for the class...pretty they are not, but tasty oh yes...and easy. He had fun making them and can't wait to share them with his class today as you can see here...don'tcha just {heart} a kids face that is beaming with pride?

Candy Coated Patrick's Day Pretzels

1 package vanilla almond bark (or you could do white choco chips)
green gel food coloring
1 bag mini twist pretzels
1 shaker of sprinkles

Melt the almond bark in the microwave. I broke the square in half and then mic'd it for 90 seconds...take it out and stir. continue to mic and stir in 15 second intervals until it is smooth creamy and melted.

Add some gel food coloring and mix to your color liking.

Place handfuls of pretzels into melted almond bark. Remove with skewers and place on a cooling rack or on wax or parchment paper. Before candy coating dries and hardens sprinkle with sprinkles or colored sugar.

Let candy coating harden for a few hours and then bag or container them.


Lauren said...

how cute!

Anonymous said...

Ok, your child is beautiful. You are beautiful. The pretzels, not so much! We miss you.

Cathee Conner said...

LOL! No the prestzels are NOT beautiful...but they were so.damn.good.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics, especially the last one of Red. Such a handsome little boy! :-)