Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Garden Update: 10 Days In the Ground

So it has been ten days since I put seeds and seedlings in the ground and so far so good! Everything has either grown a bit or started to come up. We had a rough few days of very cold temps, lots of wind and then finally quarter sized hail one day but it looks like the little plants have battled through and are going to do just fine.

Here's some snaps of the seedlings at ten days in:

Tomato plant

Lettuce seedlings





Yesterday I added some plant food and raked into the top inch or so of the soil. I also have some cabbage, broccoli, brussels and onions in there. The cabbage, broccoli and brussels are real iffy right about now-they just aren't looking so great-but we will see if they hold on or not. I transplanted them as seedlings from a jiffy tray I had started inside the house. So maybe something didn't go over so well in the transplant? Not sure.

The onion sprouts are simply too little to photograph.

I'd really like to dig up another plot beside this one and get some zucchini, squash and potatoes going in that plot.


Amy said...

WOW! I love your garden girl, it looks awesome and is doing great! Can't wait to see it as it grows!

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I have so much respect for food when I see how much it goes through just to make it to "adulthood" ;-). Looking forward to continuing to watch it grow!

bogartkick said...

Your garden is really awesome. Thanks for the pictures you posted about your garden, and its really wonderful. Continue to make your garden grow and fresh. Good job!