Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garden Update 2009: 3 weeks

Today is the 3 week mark for the seedlings (and some seed) we put out in the garden. The rains have been kind to the plants and are really helping them grow rather nicely. Everything is growing and looking great except the broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts...they have bit the dust. But-they were from old seed packets so maybe that was the problem. Maybe I will plant a row of squash in their place.

I've really got to get out there and start pinching off some leaves tonight in order to encourage more growth from the plants. I'll need to make sure I pick up some cages for the tomato plants soon as well. The herb wheel will be started in a couple of weeks from plants. I'm just going to pick up some seedlings from the nursery and plant them.
Peppers, Week 3 (and some grass sprouting up from the seed the husband threw out last weekend):

Spinach, Week 3:

Radishes, Week 3:
Tomatoes, Week 3:

Cucumbers, Week 3:


Anonymous said...

All this talk about gardening is really making me want to learn. Although I'm definitely waiting until the fall when it cools down and once I'm no longer carrying a baby whale.

I know nothing, but judging by the pics it looks like it's going very well!

Douglass Dirt said...

I read an interesting tip in my Real Simple magazine last month. It said to hang small red Christmas bulbs from your tomato plants. Apparently, it is supposed to fool the critters that like to eat them- and when the real tomatoes come in- they won't have any interest in them. I don't know how well it works, but thought I would pass it along incase you hadn't heard of that. Love your garden!!

Cynthia said...

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bogartkick said...

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Diana said...

I was raised on a farm back in PA. We always grew our own veggs and fruit. I can remember my mom canning every year. We would eat them all winter long. I miss those days. You may want to get into canning, if you raise a lot of veggs.Your doing great.