Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chicken and Cilantro Week- Recipes 3 and 4 ???

See that? What? You mean you don't see anything? Well that's because the final two recipes of Chicken and Cilantro week were never cooked. Some dillhole in the house turned the refrigerator setting to "Antartic Cold" and froze all the veggies in my produce drawer-my cilantro was ruined! So I went out and found a stupid plaque to hang on the wall to remind the boys that this is MY kitchen-just stay out and don't touch anything!

Ah well-it is what it is. I do plan on making both of them sometime soon though-the Chicken Encilantrada sounds like it would be great with some corn tortillas and some queso fresco.

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JillyJill said...

Well, hell. That just sucks. The enchilatrada did sound yummy!