Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden Update: Tuesday July 29, 2008

At ten days in here is the little mini -garden we just planted! Everything has begun to sprout except the Cilantro. The Dill has two TINY little sprouts and and onions have little green threads poking up from the soil.

The sunflowers were the first to sprout, then the beans and pumpkins.

Pole Beans



Update from the container garden on the deck:
We have a little tiny crown of broccoli forming!

Tons of Peppers

The cucumber plants are growing quickly too

And finally the brussel sprout plants are fighting back after the destructive cabbage worms nearly destroyed them.


Lauren said...


JillyJill said...

Ooh! Look at all that stuff growing. I wish I had the time, patience and weather to grow all that here. If I want to grow it cannot be past frackin June around here. Too hot!

Safi said...

Nice little plants you have there. I love baby plants, they're so cute.

sarah said...

You rock!