Saturday, April 12, 2008

Domestic Violence

I had to put out a restraining order against Red's basketball hoop yesterday. For reasons unbeknown est to me, this angry hoop felt the need to clobber my seedlings! The audacity. Imagine my surprise as I arrive home and look outside to see this deranged hoop lying on top of my feeble seedlings just suffocating them ruthlessly. The hoop wouldn't stop its attack on the seedlings so I was able to snap this pic as evidence for the cops.

Horrific to see that kind of violence isn't it? I had to take the little guys inside. Sadly, some of them didn't make it. I won't allow this to happen again. The hoop was hauled off to the basement on charges of domestic violence.

I did have to take all of the plants in yesterday as the winds were a bit strong.

I had to reposition the brussel spouts and spinach because they were becoming a tangled mess. I also pinched off the initial leaves from the pole bean plants to allow them to begin to branch off and get really leafy. I'll put them all back out on the deck today, for more sun time.

The Peas are beginning to develop the little vines and they have started curling around each other. I'll probably get something to use as little stakes for them to attach to for support.


Anonymous said...

Ok this has made me really sad!!!!!!! And it made me laugh a little when i realized what had happened! Here's to a speedy recovery!!! i love your blog girl, we just had all that same pollen everywhere as well, i was writing on the car window!

Alyssa said...

Death to the hoop! I hope your little seedlings continue to thrive.

Is the ball allowed to visit the hoop? Or would that be considered a conjugal visit??