Monday, April 7, 2008

When I first started this blog, oh about 4 long days ago...I thought it was going to just be a blog tracking the progress of my first REAL attempt at a vegetable garden. Thus the name "" As you see though, I've already thrown a wrench in that plan when I shared the fabulous Honey Nut Chicken recipe. It was too good NOT to share. At first I thought, well that doesn't even go-but ah-ha! the whole "food" being in the title was my "in" for that entry.

Well today I've got a funny (well I think its funny) story about my son that I want to share and of course pics to go with it. Its almost a requirement for me that a blog include pictures. Sounds like a first grader wanting to know where the books with all of the pictures are at right? I want to see what you are writing about and compare it to what I've already got pictured in my mind-or build a story around the picture(s) you've shared.

So anyway, I can include the funny story about my son-because I LOVE him and he is a child that is GROWing. I have decided that "" can really encompass anything and everything in my life. I can write about all the things I love, the people I love, the way I love and want to be loved. I can write about growing and garden, my child, myself, my relationship, my mind, skills, etc, see? The list can just go on and on. So the basis of the blog is going to be around this little vegetable garden but I'll always throw in random passages about the other goings on in my life. After all, the purpose to this thing called life really boils down to those three words "" anyway, right?

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