Friday, April 4, 2008

The Peppers Are Coming! The Peppers Are Coming!

Yes, Yes! I know! The excitement of it is almost too much to handle right? Really though, I was beginning to think those little peppers weren't going to cooperate-but today those seedlings are going strong. There are at least two sprouts in each pod and they look like they have potential. Not bad for a $.30 seed pack.
The broccoli on the other hand is starting to look a little iffy. My husband had a heavy jiu-jitsu gi hanging to dry directly above the tray and I went to move it and dropped it right on the broccoli sprouts. This of course will be his fault because he chose to hang the thing in that particular spot, right?
We had a large amount of rain today and they are calling for more tomorrow. I might bring the pole beans in tonight to keep them from getting water logged. The bin they are in right now has no drainage so I don't want to drown them out. What they need more than anything right now is sun and lots of it. If we get a nice sunny day this weekend they will definitely start producing more leaves.

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