Sunday, June 8, 2008

CopyCat Recipe: Starbucks Shaken Black Tea Lemonde

Its simply too hot down here in "Tha Dirty" right now to do much eating or cooking. With the heat index reading "Death Valley" the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven or stand over a gas stove and cook.

There have been lots of sandwiches and salads the last few days. And lots of COLD drinks. Since we've been trying to stay home and not waste gas and save little bits of money here and there I needed to find a way to duplicate my latest HOT weather obsession: Starbucks Shaken Black Tea Lemonade. Oh how I love that drink-but at $3-something a wop-it just doesn't make sense.

Its terribly easy to duplicate.

Homemade Starbucks Black Tea Lemonade

4 earl grey black tea bags
Lemonade (pre-made or make your own-I use the frozen concentrate to make mine to save time)
Ice cubes

I use my drip coffeemaker to brew the tea. Instead of putting a coffee filter in the basket-I line the bottom of the basket with the tea bags. fill the coffee pot with water to about the ten cup line. Pour water into coffeemaker and begin brewing.

Fill a pitcher about half way with ice cubes. When tea is finished brewing-pour over ice cubes. I then pour lemonade to about the 6 -8 cups line in the coffee pot and pour that into pitcher. Stir and pour into glasses...add more or less lemonade and ice to suit your taste.


Jessica said...

That sounds so refreshing. I was just thinking about brewing some tea for iced tea this morning, and I've got some strawberry lemonade in the fridge.

Look Cupcake said...

I am, by all accounts, an iced tea addict. I also love an Arnold Palmer (which - is the same thing as this - I think.)

If and/or when we ever see summer here, I'm all over it.

Riza said...

I love the green tea lemonade.. but you're right.. they are pricey!!

Alyssa said...

I am totally addicted to the red iced tea lemonade at Starbucks.... passion maybe- I always forget the actual name. Anyway, this sounds super yummy delicious and I will definitely be trying it!!

Amy said...

Ohhh you are so creative Ms. Cat, making Starbucks at home would save me...ehh...hundreds a and i do enjoy this drink you speak of! I am going to make it this afternoon! Jeffrey loves it!

Elizabeth said...

I really want one, and you have it presented so well, that I am getting thirsty just looking at it.

matt said...

Matt says...

black tea and lemonade is tasty.It is the perfect drink to relax with.

matt said...

Matt says...

black tea and lemonade is tasty.It is the perfect drink to relax with.

Laura said...

I am always so sad when Starbucks stops offering it. Now I can have it all year round!

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jennifer said...

perfect knock-off recipe!! i just tried it and am enjoying my first cup. incredible. i am thrilled to be able to make this at home for super cheap. thanks!