Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today's Harvest and Demon Caterpillars

What a bounty! Gee, maybe if JC himself will pay us a visit today and turn it into enough to feed the masses. Something tells me JC won't be knocking on my door anytime soon though so it will be enough to throw on a big salad for the family I guess. Hey, you work with whatcha got, right?

I also need JC to have a come by and deal with the demon caterpillars that have all but devoured one pot of spinach overnight! JERKS. What do they think this place is anyway-free sample day at the market? Caterpillars are cool and all-but they need to stay away from my humble little "garden". Red put them all in a little jar with the remnants of spinach leaves and is calling them his new pets.

So I cut off all the damaged spinach leaves with some gardening shears and here is what's left of the ravaged plants...

I had to add a new WT "trellis" for the pea plants so I could spread them out more. They were starting to choke each other out. As you can see, I still have yet to put anything in the ground. I'm such a scaredy cat and a procrastinator too. I do need to get these in the ground though, because I've got some herb sprouts started that will be needing some pots in a week or so. I did cilantro, mint, basil, dill and thyme.

I'm happy to see that I haven't killed anything completely yet. It was a close call for the spinach-but I caught it before the plant was completely destroyed. So far so good.


Anonymous said...

Wow...nasty little fuckers! Do you think I could start a container garden in my window? When we were at Junkyard's Daughter I saw a book about apartment gardening, or urban sustainablity or something like that, that I almost bought. Now I am mad I didn't because I can't remember the name of it.

Safi said...

Ewww, bugs.

Any time I think there might be something that the bugs are going to get to (e.g., tomato plants), I plant a marigold alongside the other plant.

Marigolds naturally repel almost every kind of bug.

Urso Branco said...


Urso Branco again. When you get to São Paulo you will find REAL caterpillars. These ones live on the Arica Bamboo palms. They are really bad fellows. They have barbs that burn when you touch them. One landed on me and I flicked it off my shoulder and burned for a week.

One of our dogs had one land on his skin and she suffered terribly for three weeks.

Living in Brasil is fun!!! Thanks for looking at my Brasilian Potato Salad. Be sure to try it out. It is fabulous!]