Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garden Update: Three Months In

Check out my garden! What progress! As you can see the plants are still NOT in the ground. Its just been too hot to even attempt to transplant them. Matter of fact the heat has really done a number on my plants. I have learned that spinach and peas prefer cooler temps.

These yellow flowers right here are the end to my fresh spinach. Apparently once they flower-you get no more viable edible foliage from the plant.

I moved the peas to a spot below the deck after they had already been exposed to a week of 95+ degree temps with full sun. The damage had already been done-because they are a rather sad lot right now. I took a closer look though and noticed some new sprouts coming up closer to the soil so maybe there is hope for them yet.

The broccoli, brussel sprouts and pepper plants are in love with the heat though. Look at all the new foliage on the broccoli and brussels and how thick there stems are getting!

They have a really long growing season and will be ready for harvest in the fall.

The peppers are finally forming buds! Unlike with the spinach this is a GREAT sign-that means beautiful peppers are right around the corner.

The beans are moving along slowly, I harvested a small bowl full of beans from the plants this morning. I think once they get in the ground they will really start producing large amounts of beans.

So I've learned a few things this past week:

-plant and harvest spinach early.
-get the plants in the ground so they can really produce and do it before it gets too hot.
-peas don't like the heat
-mature brussel sprout plants look like trees with nuts on them.
-my kid looks really cute in green...

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Amy said...

Wow Cat, your plants are awesome, and i am learning so much from you, i was telling my neighbor some of the things you had learned and she was like..ohh really! She has all kinds of herbs and plants growing and Elijah goes over everyday to eat basil and rosemary!! Not to worry, you will get them in the ground, i would wait till it cooled off too! Don't make me take a picture of my pitiful