Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garden Update: 5 months

So its been about 5 months since I first planted my first round of seeds. I've learned plenty over the last few months and I am already making plans based on this years learning experience. I'm not so scared of planting things directly in the ground now. I can't wait to have a bountiful garden next season. I am sure that I'll be able to produce enough vegetables to feed our family both fresh and frozen and maybe some to take to the local farmer market and food bank.

What I have not yet learned is how to get rid of these disgusting little white aphid (?) bugs that seem to LOVE all things in the cabbage family. They are relentless. I'll have to work hard on that next year. I really want to have broccoli and Brussels sprouts in the garden because my family eats alot of those two veggies. I do have some little sprouts forming on the "trunk" of the little Brussels plant right I might actually end up with a few sprouts this year.

Basil wins as being the best performer so far-it grows so quickly and abundantly and each time you pull off some leaves to use; within the next day or so the plant is covered back and full of more leaves to use. I can't use the basil fast enough! I'll be making a few batches of pesto to freeze this weekend.

There is really something about natural rain that makes the plants grow faster and green up more than water from a hose ever can. The rains we got over the last week really made things happen in the garden. Just take a look at how fast the cucumbers have developed, I only planted these about a month ago and they already have baby cucs!

I have also found out that apparently my peppers are destined to be sweet baby bells and NOT full size green peppers because they have started to change to a gorgeous red color already at their petite size. Isn't the color amazing?

Pumpkins also grow pretty quickly and its looking like we might have out little mini pumpkin patch in the backyard this year just in time for fall. They already have quite a few large pretty yellow orange blossoms.

This weekend I'm going to prepare another small section of the yard for planting some fall veggies. I've read that carrots, onions, lettuce, and greens like collards and spinach all do well in the fall. Its pretty mild here well into November so I hope to get a decent crop out of this next planting. I've been thinking about trying asparagus or potatoes too. Can't wait to see what this next round of seeds produce!


Lauren said...

woohoo! can you bring me some of that basil and those red peppers?
you are doing an awesome job!

JenStar said...

How awesome! I have peas growing! I am so excited I haven't killed anything yet. I've learned that I need to leave them alone and not water them everyday, then they will have a chance! I also have a cucumber plant, but nothing has bloomed yet.

sarah said...

WOW! It looks great. You should ask Jessie about the bugs, she bought a bunch of ladybugs and some other kind of bug to put in her yard to eat some other bad bug. I think. Or something. Ask her. You can send me some of that produce, I am very needy.

Amy said...

WOW Cat, i am so impressed with your green thumb skills!!! The garden is amazing! I love the little petite peppers!! They have the most amazing color! You have done a great job girl.

Jillyjill said...

The garden looks awesome! I am so beyond jealous. I wish I'd make the time and bring the effort to start a garden. It's so ridiculously hot here though for 5-6 months of the year. I'm afraid my poor little crop would wilt and die!